Four Ways Pastors Can Make VBS a Success


I love Vacation Bible School. I served as VBS Director at my home church before I became a pastor. It was hard work, but I loved it. As a pastor I loved VBS because I saw the church doing ministry and evangelism and I saw the gospel being shared with children in our community. Several of whom I was privileged to baptize! Here are some ways pastors can enhance their church’s VBS.


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The pastor sets the excitement level for the church. If you’re excited, let it show! If you’re not excited, get excited. In the weeks approaching, integrate VBS into your sermon application. Preaching on evangelism? Highlight VBS as a time to share the gospel. Prayer? Call people to pray for VBS. Consider having a VBS promotion Sunday where you pray over the workers and use some of the music. Maybe even preach the VBS theme verse.


Host an evangelism training event before VBS. Whatever evangelism method your church decides to use, make sure your workers are trained properly to share. Failing to plan for evangelism is planning to fail.

You could also consider teaching the VBS lessons in a five-week series on Wednesdays prior to VBS. Your teaching the subject matter to your VBS teachers could help them teach the material more faithfully themselves.


Set up an information booth for your church which contains membership information, upcoming events, new sermon series, a FAQ about the church and its ministries.

Have a specified child pick-up station for parents. Station your friendliest faces here to connect with families through VBS.

And don’t forget to have fun with the kids!


This is where most churches drop the ball. After all the preparation and execution of VBS, most people are ready to go on vacation and forget about it till next year! Host a worker appreciation party or banquet banquet on a Sunday night a week after VBS. Make if fun, let people unwind, share success stories about this year’s event, and THEN… talk about follow-up.

Use VBS as a funnel into Sunday School. Maintain an enrollment list and have Sunday School teachers follow up prospects in their age group. Make baptism, membership, and Sunday school enrollment a priority for those who have made professions of faith.


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