Church Revitalization Assessment


Does your church need revitalization? Many established churches find themselves in need of some sort of revitalization upon objective evaluation. Sadly, most church members and leaders are often blind to unhealthy practices and attitudes because they have been used to them for so long. It is like getting used to an odor in your home (or church!) that has been there for years, but when a newcomer arrives, it is the first thing they notice. Here are some areas to assess when determining where church revitalization is needed in your church:


  • Strategic location – is the church situated for maximum evangelistic reach? Is there significant lostness in the community?
  • Adequate facilities – are the facilities suitable for the church to achieve its purpose? Are they well-maintained?
  • Financial stability – Does the church budget reflect the mission of the church, or is the budget disproportionate to the stated mission of the church? Are the finances being managed properly?


  • Objective and fair-minded – Are the members receptive to the Word like the Bereans of Acts 17:11? Or are they bound to sentimentalism and traditionalism?
  • Culturally sensitive – Does the church have a realistic conception of the unchurched world, especially their own community? Or are they so internally-focused that they have ignored their missional context?
  • Admit need of revitalization – Does the church recognize where they need help, or are they deluded into thinking they are healthier than they are in reality (Rev. 3:15-18)?
  • Missions-minded – Is the church in mission-mode or maintenance-mode? Surviving or thriving?
  • Optimistic and realistic – Is the church more positive or negative in their outlook? If positive, is their optimism based in reality or delusion?
  • Few traditionalist anchors – What are the sacred cows? How many of them? How non-negotiable are they?
  • Congregational Unity – Is everyone pulling in the same direction? Or are there opposing factions within the church?


  • Efficient and effective organization – What is the church’s internal processes and are they efficient?
  • Competent and capable leadership – What type of leadership? Deacons or elders? Whoever they are, are they fit to lead? Can they be led?
  • Corporate vision – Does the church have a biblical, working vision? Is it part of the DNA of the church? Could a lay-person communicate the church’s vision?
  • Millennial presence – What percentage of millennials comprise the membership? The leadership? `


  • Blended worship – Are the songs theologically substantive? Performed with excellence? Diverse in style?
  • International and domestic missions – How is the church currently fulfilling the Great Commission?
  • Effective evangelism – Does the church have an evangelism strategy? Are they utilizing it? Is it effective?
  • Healthy Sunday school – Does the church have a thriving discipleship ministry? What is Sunday school attendance compared to worship?
  • Good reputation in community – Does the community have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of the church? Why?
  • Diverse demographics – Is the church reaching all the various sorts of people in the community? Does the church look like the community?

5 thoughts on “Church Revitalization Assessment

  1. Doug Dryden

    This is an excellent assessment with challenging questions. Churches need to take a hard look at where they stand on these issues, especially churches like ours who are searching for a new pastor. I plan to share this with our search committee and our deacons. Thank you for sharing it.

    Liked by 1 person

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