High Points of the 2016 Southern Baptist Convention


Katrina and I had a great time at the annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention in St. Louis this year. This year’s meeting was exceptional in many ways. Here are some highlights from our experience.



The 2016 Pastor’s Conference began Sunday night and continued all-day Monday. We were privileged to hear some challenging sermons by some great speakers. The Pastor’s Conference theme this year was “Live This.” Dave Miller, pastor of Southern Hills Baptist Church in Sioux City, Iowa was elected as 2017 Pastor’s Conference president and he is seeking to utilize pastors from smaller SBC churches who focus on expository preaching for next year’s conference speakers. I am looking forward to next year’s pastor’s conference and hearing biblical exposition from some faithful pastors.


Dr. Ronnie Floyd delivered a challenging message as president of the Southern Baptist Convention and challenged Southern Baptists particularly on the issue of racial reconciliation. This was followed by a panel on racial reconciliation by a number of Baptist leaders. One step forward in this area came in the passing of Resolution 7 which dealt with Southern Baptist’s use and display of the Confederate flag. This is a bold step forward for racial reconciliation for Southern Baptists. I encourage you to listen to Dr. James Merritt’s defense of Resolution 7:


Another important moment was Russell Moore’s defense of religious liberty for all Americans. Following his report as President of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, Dr. Moore was challenged by a pastor and messenger from Arkansas to explain why Southern Baptist support religious liberty for Muslims. His answer was perfect: 


Golden Gate Theological Baptist Seminary has officially changed its name to the Gateway Seminary of the Southern Baptist Convention. This name change coincides with their recent relocation to Ontario, California. I am encouraged by all of our seminaries as they are conservative and healthy. We should never take this for granted, for it was not long ago that some of our seminaries were teaching liberal theology and denying the gospel message. I am thankful for this generation of biblically faithful scholarship in the training institutions of our Southern Baptist churches.


In what was perhaps the strangest SBC presidential election ever, Dr. Steve Gaines, successor to Adrian Rogers at Bellevue Baptist Church in Memphis, TN, was elected SBC president. There were three initial candidates: Steve Gaines, J.D. Greear from North Carolina, and David Crosby from New Orleans. The first round of voting involved three candidates with no candidate receiving a majority. The second vote was a runoff between Steve Gaines and J.D. Greear. The vote was so close and there were enough illegal ballots that neither got a majority during the second vote. Before the third vote, however, J.D. Greear graciously withdrew his candidacy and Gaines was elected by acclamation. You can see the historic moment here: 


This was an historic annual meeting for Southern Baptists in a number of ways and I’m sure we have yet to see the significance of all that was accomplished this year. I am glad to serve a denomination that despite all its divisions and imperfections manages to move forward in a way that is faithful to God and in step with the times.


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