Church Hospitality for First-time Guests


Every New Testament church is tasked with reaching others for Christ, especially those in their own communities. The easiest place to begin is with those who choose to visit our churches on Sunday morning. Churches should extend intentional hospitality to first-time guests. Here are some proven pointers to help with hospitality.

Have greeters placed at the door. Have other people who can escort the guests to their seat and serve as a first contact for them. Exchange first names immediately.

Have a guest card for guests to complete and place in the offering plate. Include a space for their prayer requests. Have people in the church commit to praying for these requests and let your guests know this.

Send a follow-up letter on Monday. Send this in addition to any emails or phone calls you might make as well. If you really want to step up your game, pastors, send a brief, hand-written card to each guest.

Put together a gift bag with some goodies and info about the church, ministries, church calendar, “what we teach” statement.

Train church members in hospitality.

Don’t say the V Word (visitor), use the word “guest.” Visitors visit. Guests are welcomed to stay.

The 3-minute rule. Church members should resolve not to speak to anyone they know for 3 minutes after the service. Spend this time meeting someone new.

Instruct members to invite guests to go out to lunch. The pastor should lead by example. Take new folks out for lunch.

Here are some links with additional info, be sure to check them out.

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